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PayaMavad Tech Company is established as a knowledge-based in Isfahan Science and Technology City (ISTT). For more than 2 decades, PayaMavad Tech company has conducted the mission for manufacturing super alloys and special alloys resistant to heat, wear and use in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant industries. Professional ethics and innovation are the principles gaining our satisfaction. Using technical knowledge and modern equipment, this company supplies more than 15% of Iran’s electricity grid. Close international cooperation with Asian and European companies in the field of special alloys and super alloys has paved our way to reach our visions, meeting the technological needs in the field of super alloy materials and parts in various industries.

PayaMavad Tech Company

Our Business Scope…


➢ “lifetime assessment and refurbishment services for the operated Gas and Steam Turbines
➢ Manufacture of Compressor, Combustion Chamber and Hot Gas Path Parts spare parts of Gas Turbine
➢ Manufacture of Steam Turbine stator and rotor blades


➢ Manufacture of Vereigenic Valves Spare Parts and Corrossion wear resistant valves
➢ Manufacture of Crackig Heater Spare Parts
➢ Manufacture of various Fans and Impellers


➢ Manufacture of wear resistant spare parts for Mining machinery and equipment
➢ Manufacture of Spare Parts for Reduction furnace in Iron making process
➢ Manufacture of Spare parts required for the production of galvanized sheets
➢ Manufacture of Spare parts required for continuous Casting Line
➢ Manufacture of Spare parts required for Hot Rolling
➢ Manufacture of Stainless Steal and Nickle-based wires

PayaMavad Tech Company

Our Achievements…

❖ Superior research and development unit in 2021 and 2022
❖ Carrying out more than 50 refurbishment and rejuvenation projects of hot gas path parts of gas turbines
❖ European Products export
❖ The first Iranian Company manufacture of the 2the Stage nozzle of Turbine Frame 5
❖ The first company to rejuvenate combustion chambers with more than 100,000 working hours
❖ The main supplier of spare parts for more than 15 power plants and 10 large steel factories
❖ Design and implementation of more than 10 upgrading projects in the field of steel and power plants

PayaMavad Tech Company

Frequent Used Alloys…

❖ Nickle Based Alloys:

Inconel718- Inconel X-750- Inconel800- Inconel 601-Inconel600- Inconel625- Hastelloy X- Hanes HR120- Hanes 230- Hanes214 – Hastelloy 30276- Nimonic 80A- Nimonic 90- Nimonic 75 – Monel 400K- Monel 500K

❖ Cobalt Based Alloy:

Stellite 25 Alloy- Stellite 31 Alloy- Stellite 6 Alloy- Stellite 21- Stellite 93- FX415- N155- Tribaloy T800 – Udimet188

❖ Iron Based Alloy:

Incoloy 800- Incoloy800HT – Incoloy925

❖ Titanium Based Alloy:

Nimonic 80A- Nimonic 90- Nimonic 75

❖ Martensitic and duplex stainless steel:

Austenitic-Ferritic Duplex – Series 400 stainless steel

Because You Need Safe Materials...

All the achievements of the last two decades have been the result of our passion for development and improvement. Either we found a way or we made a way.

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Our Technologies...

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• Hot and Cold Forming
• Wire Drawing
• High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coating

Alloying and Casting Equipment

• Gravity Casting
• Centrifugal Casting
• Investment Casting


• Electrical discharge machining
• Electrochemical Drilling and grinding
• Carousel, Boring, Spark and Wire cut

Heat Treatment Furnaces

The controlled atmosphere furnaces cable to heat about 1200 degree centigrade

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